Marcus Stevens



Book and Lyrics by Marcus Stevens
Music by Sam Willmott

Based on Judith Byron Schachner's acclaimed book and the true story that inspired it, Yo, Vikings! is the story of Emma Katz, a spunky little girl with a limitless imagination. After being assigned Erik the Red for her World Discovery Day report, she begins to channel her inner Viking, setting off on a fantastic adventure of self-discovery. 

Yo, Vikings! was originally commissioned by Upper Darby Summer Stage and was developed at the BMI Musical Theater Workshop in New York City.  It has been produced in Philadelphia, New York, Fresno, Pittsburgh, and Canada.  

Yo, Vikings! has been published and is available for licensing from  Samuel French, Inc.

Book and Lyrics by Marcus Stevens
Music by Oran Eldor

Persephone Unplugged raises a Greek myth from the dead, finds contemporary relevance, and sets it to a pop/rock score. Persephone, a sulky goth teenager, longs for independence from her mother Demeter, the Goddess of the Earth. The cast is rounded out by Hades, Zeus and Aphrodite, all envisioned as archetypes plucked from a John Hughes movie. Their misadventures result in teenage romance, coming of age, and the creation of the seasons. 

Persephone Unplugged received a workshop in September 2014, produced by 11th Hour Theatre Company  in Philadelphia.


Book and Lyrics by Marcus Stevens
Music by Douglas Levine

When Rivka Brown shares her will and admits she’s dying, her entire family is pushed to their emotional limits. Long-felt fears and misgivings boil to the surface, resulting in two sisters never speaking again. Years later, the youngest generation of the Gordon/Brown clan must pick up the pieces in order to understand who they were, who they are, and what they’ve truly inherited. 

Eastburn Avenue was commisioned by the Pittsburgh Playhouse Repertory Company and had its world premiere in May of 2008.


Book and Lyrics by Marcus Stevens
Music and Lyrics by Brian Lowdermilk

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried and executed for selling atomic bomb secrets to the Russians in 1953.  Red tells  us from their story  as seen through the eyes of controversial Jewish comedian Lenny Bruce. 

Red was produced at the Pittsburgh Playhouse of Point Park Conservatory for the Performing Arts in 2004, and was awarded the 2005 Richard Rodgers Award for the development of New Musicals by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. As part of this award, Red received a staged reading at the York Theater Company, Off-Broadway in January of 2006.


Book and Lyrics by Marcus Stevens
Music and Lyrics by Brian Lowdermilk

Elliot takes his mother on a magical journey to the Island of Light. Once there, they both learn the importance of using one's imagination to solve problems in the real world. 

Elliot and the Magic Bed was commissioned by the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center and received a production in the summer of 2003. Elliot then had a second production with The Pittsburgh Playhouse Junior Company in the fall of 2004.